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Tempt Me with Darkness - Shayla Black

3 Stars - This book lost me at 40% - which was a real shame. The beginning was phenomenal, but then at 40% it got super awkward. Not just the plot, but the writing, too. It was as if someone else had taken over. But since I don't give up on a series until after the 3rd book, I read on, though it took me forever to read! (Started on Oct. 20!!!) 


Marrok has been cursed for ages and Olivia is a descendant of the witch who cursed him. They immediately fall into each other's arms and bond - the equivalent of marriage among their kind. 


Then, things get awkward as Olivia - who's been the shunned, ugly duckling all her life - ponders if Marrok is having sex with her because he loves her or just to have a nice romp. Really? Hello, you just met him and had sex - how could he even get a chance to love you? How is this even possible? It got tedious after that. Does he love me? Love me not? Bleh who cares? LOL


Bram - a feisty wizard kept me reading and their plot to rid themselves of a big baddy, Mathias who is just one big sicko!


The ending left us with a lot of questions. Did Mathias truly get weakened? What's going to happen to poor Anka? *sobs* And which side is Shock really playing?