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Gut wrenching!

Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers Book 6) - Lili St. Germain, L B Cover Art Designs, Marion Fuller Archer

4.5 out of 5 stars! OMG Two Roads is gut wrenching. If you have a reading trigger, Two Roads probably has you covered and there needs to be several warning labels all over this book! *faints* 


Good Lord, can't believe I survived reading this, though there were several times I really wanted to stop. But I kept telling myself, "One more book. This series better have an HEA or I'm going to be royally pissed!!!" LOL


Against all odds, Juliette escapes Dornan's clutches with the help of Elliott, Jase, and Luis - all working undercover to bring down Dornan's operation. But Juliette's not in the clear. She's physically and emotionally scarred after her harrowing ordeal, plus she's pregnant! There was a moment where you thought the child was Dornan's (and he's convinced it is) but Juliette has stuck by her calculations that it's indeed Jase's. 


As if everything Juliette went through isn't enough, now she has a heroin addiction to kick off - all thanks to Dornan who kept drugging her the three months he held her captive. But it seems Dornan isn't done yet, and he rears his ugly head one last time at the end of the book. Ugh! When will this nightmare be over? *sobs* 


Will Juliette finally reach her HEA? Will her wounds heal? Will her child survive? Good Lord, I'll say it again - the last book better have an HEA or I'll be so P.O.'d I risked a headache reading present tense! LOL :) 


Two Roads features: 






motorcycle club




cliffhanger ending


law enforcement

organized crime


*Half a star knocked off due to present tense verbs. What a headache they are to read! Ugh :(