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Homecoming - Richelle Mead

4 out of 5 stars! Homecoming, a short novella, takes place right after Last Sacrifice. Rose and Dimitri are on a break from work and they travel to Russia to see Dimitri's family. 


The family had previously mourned him, and now that he's been restored back to a dhampir, there is much celebrating to do. There are playful scenes in this short novella that hint that Dimitri wants to get married, but Rose who is 7 years younger and only 18 years old, isn't ready for that. She's just happy where things are presently.


In between the fun, there are rumors of a strigoi killing indiscriminately left and right in the mountains. Of course, it's tasked to Rose and Dimitri to end his reign of terror - in between their vacay visit LOL


Dimitri and Rose set off to kill this Strigoi and run into a lot of setbacks along the way, like Ivan, a human who has heard the vampire legend and dreams of becoming a vampire hunter. Will he aid or hinder in Rose and Dimitri's quest to rid the region of this bloodthirsty strigoi? And will Rose give in to Dimitri and his family's pressure to get married? :)


Homecoming features:


YA read

paranormal romance

making out