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Wake - Amanda Hocking

Rating: 2.5 Stars! I really loved Amanda Hocking's zombie series and thought I'd give this one a try. The story was intended to be in the murder mystery/horror genre, but it doesn't quite pull it off. 


Gemma is a teenager living with her older sister and father. Her mother was in a car accident and as a result suffered mental and memory loss injuries. She's placed in a home and the girls only visit sometimes. The dad basically checks out of the relationship and just goes to work, never seeing his wife again. 


Gemma loves to swim and is told she's got potential to be a pro. As the story progresses, we see her take more of an interest in her sister's best (male) friend, Alex and a budding relationship occurs. 


Four pretty girls stroll into town, and the locals in the touristy town are creeped out, though they find themselves irresistibly drawn to them. It almost seems like they have magic powers. Then, missing boys start making headlines and without anything other than a "their beauty creeps us out" tie-in, the locals are sure the girls are to blame. 


Suddenly, the four pretty girls whittle down into three, and Harper, Gemma's sister, is convinced the girls killed the missing girl just on a hunch. It's not long before these pretty girls get Gemma in their sights and target her as their next addition to their group. 


Gemma just wants to swim and be with Alex as long as she can since he's graduating and going off to college, but the girls force Gemma to drink something that changes Gemma's life forever. 


Strange things happen to Gemma and it takes a while, but Gemma discovers she's been turned into a siren by the girls who spin this mythology story/curse and tell her they need four people to be in their clique or they die. Oh, and FYI they also somehow can also turn to birds and also into mermaid-type creatures, AND they have to eat human blood to survive. 


Sidebar: Human blood is one thing - but why do these girls rip out their victim's guts? Why not go the vampire route and just drink their blood and let the men live? 


The race is on to save Gemma. Can she be saved from the terrible fate of being a bloodthirsty siren? 


The several plot holes are one thing to contend with in this story, but the biggest factor I dealt with was the style. It was definitely reminiscent of a pre-edit fan fiction story where everything is spoon fed to you, even the character's thoughts and why they are doing a certain action. It got old fast. 


The only thing I truly loved and drew me to this book was the cover. 


But I have no clue why this book wasn't properly edited. It seems almost as if the publishing house is trying to recover the money they dished out for the author as fast as they can and not even bothering to edit this story. I'm not continuing with this series as I peeked into the 2nd book and the writing style was the same. A complete 180 from her zombie series - The Hollows - I definitely recommend that one :)