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Awesome writing, but too many questions.

Club Shadowlands - Cherise Sinclair

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars! 


Jessica suffers an automobile accident during a storm and she finds shelter in the most unlikely of places. Cold, drenched, and a bit disoriented from the crash, she seeks shelter in a private club, not knowing the club is actually a BDSM club. 


She meets the owner, Zachary (Master Z) and he immediately falls for her. Jessica is curious about the lifestyle, but can't seem to stop herself when she thinks role-playing women are in danger and asking for help, and steps in more than once. This earns her a punishment, and though it throws her off balance initially, she's far too deep down the rabbit hole to let this deter her in her newly found passion. 


Now the only thing on Jessica's mind is how to make Master Z her one and only. But with so many temptations around, can she, a boring accountant, make him realize she's the only one for him? 



The writing/editing from the get-go was amazing and engaging. The only problems I had with this read (though we are initially warned of this on the prologue and hence why I didn't rate a 1) was that the relationship takes off like a speeding bullet. 


I was also creeped out that Master Z was a child psychologist and he enjoyed working with children. Everyone is entitled to their own life, but the fact that he works with children for a living and then engages in this behavior at night just sets off all sorts of red flags for me. It also doesn't help when he keeps calling Jessica, "little one." 


It was also too jarring to me how these two are thrown together so quickly and there is immediate talk of monogamy. There were also too many questions surrounding Master Z. There is so little known of him for my liking. Why is he alone? He has all these girls at the club fawning over him and yet he's alone until someone who doesn't even belong to that BDSM world stumbles in and he's all over her? He admits his marriage ended because his wife was vanilla and he couldn't handle that, so what made him think he could just pick a vanilla girl and turn her? And if his techniques are so good - why couldn't they work on his wife?


Plus, there's a scene where Z tells a Dom a sub might not like exhibitionism and that's fine. Was that the problem with his wife? And if so, then why didn't he follow his own advice? Bwahahaha! It was just too much for me. There were just too many questions and red flags for me that I couldn't get into the story, no matter how amazing the grammar was. :) 


Club Shadowlands features: 



backdoor play




alpha male

quick read