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Fated - Shayla Black

Rating 4 out of 5 stars! The first book of the series was a chore to get through, but Fated, the action-packed 1.5 installment of the series hit the ground running and maintained my interest throughout. I'm definitely continuing with this series. 


Kari, a human, owns a bar which caters mainly to magical clientele. Ronan is one of her patrons, and though she pines for him, she knows she can never have the handsome wizard as he goes through women like they're going out of style. 


Ronan, a twin, has a secret. A 1000 year old curse has plagued his family. Every male who has taken a mate only finds happiness for a while and are cursed to endure seeing them die. For this reason, no male in his family ever gets a mate; they just randomly sleep around. All this was standard life until Ronan meets Kari. 


Kari changes Ronan's whole world, and just when things couldn't be more complicated, Ronan and Kari are both drawn into the war between Mathias and the Doomsday Brethren. Will they join the fight, or will they perish with the curse that plagues Ronan's family?


Fated features:


oral sex

paranormal romance




quick read