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Blind Wolf - Aubrey Rose

Rating 2.5 out of 5 Stars! Blind Wolf has everything you'd expect a BBW romance to have, except the male lead is blind. That's it. I was expecting a bit more, but this short read rushes through things and before you know it, the book's over. 


Here's a checklist:


1) Female librarian whose house is on foreclosure, hates herself and knows no guy would ever dare ask her out because she's overweight = check


2) Blind werewolf who upon meeting fluffy librarian is instantly smitten and knows she's his mate, even though she's human and that's impossible. Only wolves feel the mating call with other wolves. Does this need an explanation? Nope, we'll just totally go with it. Maybe it's her fluffy layers that cross the werewolf wires or something? = check



3) Concerned wolf friend who tells the blind guy the girl he's crushing over is "a bit on the heavy side." = check


4) blind male lead is already engaged to a gorgeous thin woman, but he's just with her to procreate the species. This isn't a problem, right? = check


5) female lead's foreclosed house borders the woods and is next to a lake; just perfect for a pack of wolves to run about. If only the wolves could buy it from the bank and all live in harmony :) = check


Blind Wolf features: 


oral sex

paranormal romance