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Great series beginning and a delicious alpha male!

When the Fur Flies - Kelliea Ashley

Rating 4 out of 5 stars! When the Fur Flies is a great paranormal read filled with delicious alpha male goodness :) 


When Allison Carver (a witch) was 16 years old, her parents were killed and she was placed under the protection of Reginald Leclair, an Alpha werewolf, for a short time. Despite her circumstances, she developed a massive crush on the yummy werewolf, but since she was in pigtails and a face full of acne, Reginald paid her no mind. 


Now, years later, Allison is a lone witch without a coven, trying to make it in the world on her own. She stumbles upon a human girl who was taken against her will to be a vampire's mate. Unable to let an injustice such as this stand, Allison takes action and takes the girl from the vampires and hides her. 


Someone leaks information that the ones who kidnapped the human girl was actually the werewolves and the vampires go on the warpath, determined to get Chamber's (their leader) intended mate back. 


Allison watches by as the two factions declare war on each other, but Leclair is no fool and realizes a witch disguised in cat form is watching him. He quickly captures her and Allison confesses what she's done. 


Leclair is upset with Allison, but all the delicious curves she's grown over the years cloud his judgment and it's not long before the troublesome witch is in his arms, panting and moaning with pleasure. Before he can stop himself, he claims the tempting witch as a mate. 


Leclair can't believe he brought such a problem to his pack's doorstep, and Allison refuses to give the human back to the vampires. A battle of wills ensues and it's every man for himself in this paranormal story filled with a sizzling hot alpha male.


Leclair enlists the help of Alexa, a powerful witch (and Allison's cousin) also known as The Keeper. Werewolves, vampires, and witches all hold a treaty of peace in place and Alexa oversees that everyone adheres to the rules. But with her cousin, Allison, making trouble for everyone, can Alexa help her cousin before it's too late? And what of Allison's and Leclair's union? Will it be upheld by the pack or will Allison have to answer for what she's done alone? 



When the Fur Flies was a great read that I would have rated a 5 star read, but there were several typos and a glaring mistake that had the human girl first listed as 16, then at 18 years old towards the end of the book. So I had to knock of a star for that. Other than this, I can't wait to keep reading this series and find out how things turn out. 


When the Fur Flies features: 


  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • magic
  • werewolves
  • vampires
  • alpha male
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • kidnapping
  • torture