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Addict - Rachael Orman

Rating 2 out of 5 Stars. This book literally had no plot except the sex. That was it. No external conflict or characters that added to the mix, it was just about Alix and John. Ugh 



Alix is a sex addict who's fallen off the wagon and masturbates at work while fantasizing about a man who walks by her office everyday. She tries to get a hold on things, but when her co-worker invites her to a risque party, Alix knows she's found where she's always belonged. 


John is a sex therapist. (Sidebar: just ewww! I can't believe people would get paid to do what John describes as being his job. Is this even real?) He has an office in a hotel and he passes by the hotel's front office everyday to spot his favorite girl - a shy events planner named Alix. He likes her and has been stalking her for some time, though she's got no clue. 


But one night when Alix walks into a sex party John is hosting for a friend, he realizes Alix is just what he has been looking for and it's time to make his move. 


Things take off at a whirlwind pace, but John always devises a way for Alix not to see his face. Alix is stimulated beyond words and easily goes along with whatever her new, masked Master wants from her. She gives him everything, except he doesn't have sex with her. 


She does everything in her power to get what she wants, and gets punished along the way. Finally her masked Master is revealed and she can't believe who it really is! Just when it seems John has hit his breaking point and is about to complete their relationship, the book ends in a cliffie. 


Really? The book went on forever. I started skim reading after 45% when it became apparent that John was holding out. It was also disappointing that nothing else goes in the book - such as her losing her job, or some ex-boyfriend or ex-lover comes around to cause problems - or something to give the plot more. 


*le sigh* 


Addicted features: 


oral sex


backdoor play



cliffhanger ending