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Locked: The Alpha Group, Book 1 - Maya Cross, Carmen Rose

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars! Maya Cross is an amazing author! Just loved her story, Locked. I was constantly rattled out of the story, though, because she's from Australia and the story's filled with the usual language differences. But the writing was engaging and I loved it - well except for the cliffhanger. ;)


Sophia is a lawyer who feels unappreciated and unfulfilled in her job. Her hard work isn't enough to get her where she wants, she's got to 'kiss ass' and hang out with the right people, too. (Apparently, she didn't get the life memo on this when she was younger LOL)



Anyhoo, she stumbles along until one night she's out with her friends and they find themselves in a seedy bar. It seems strange, though, that at the back of the bar, a bodyguard stands by only allowing people dressed to the nines and celebrities entrance.


Intrigued and a bit tipsy, Sophia decides to find a way to get past the guard and find out what's going on in the back of the club. When she finally gets in, she immediately knows she's in way over her head. She tries to leave, but a handsome man approaches her. 


Sebastian is an enigma. He's a powerful, wealthy man, but he's always a bit of a mystery. He's captivated with Sophia the moment he sees her, knowing she truly doesn't belong there. More than that, he's curious how she got in and likes her sassy mouth. Before he can make his move, though, Sophia leaves.


Sophia knows Sebastian is trouble and the way her body's responding to him isn't something she's quite ready for. So, she gets up to leave, but first she thinks to stop by the bathroom. A few wrong turns later, she ends up in an office belonging to none other than Sebastian. Hearing people outside, she goes into hiding in a broom closet and gets the surprise of her life when Sebastian walks in with his 'secretary' and they have a very naughty meeting. 


Unable to keep quiet in the closet, Sebastian catches Sophia there. Sophia - now scared sobered - does the first thing that comes to her mind: run.


Putting the whole experience behind her, Sophia tries to blend in with her real life again, though it's hard to stop thinking about Sebastian. Just as she's starting to relax, her world caves in as Sebastian shows up as a potential client in her law firm.


Can Sophia keep her feelings for Sebastian at bay or will she end up falling for the gorgeous man who's got a few secrets of his own?


Locked features:


oral sex

backdoor play