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Indiscretion: Volume Four - Elisabeth Grace

Rating 4 out of 5 Kisses: Chloe and Max quickly fix the misunderstanding that occurred with Max and his ex, but they quickly move onto another problem.


They've both fallen deeply in love with each other, but their time together seems to come to an end. The construction projects each of them was involved in takes a nasty turn and Max is hospitalized when a piece of building falls near him. 


Chloe's job site is also compromised, so her job comes to a standstill which is great since now she'll have time to nurse Max back to health. Having him at her house where they share a bed and space together definitely has them both thinking a life together might actually work. 


But when Max gets horrible news after a routine follow up at the clinic, he knows the best thing to do would be to cut things off with Chloe. 


Will Chloe let Max leave her without an explanation or will they be able to finally get their much deserved happily ever after? 


Indiscretion Volume 4 features: 


oral sex



terminal illness


quick read