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Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny - Holly Madison

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. If you ever wondered what life as a Playboy Bunny was like, then this is definitely a must read. 


Sure, at first I thought - Hell, yes! I'll take the $1000 a week clothing allowance (um can you say shop the clearance section and stash the rest of the cash? LOL), free room and board, brand new leased car (apparently Hef was too smart to actually buy his girls a car. He didn't want them to run off. Damn! :( ) but according to Holly Madison, this arrangement is pure hell and torture!


Holly recounts the "horrors" she endured: a partner who belittled her and her appearance, constantly cheated on her, and brace yourselves - actually made her have sex with him!!!




Oh the humanity!!! What has the world come to?? How terrible when faced with the reality that there is no such thing as free money. That you ACTUALLY have to do something in return when you get a Sugar Daddy. *sobs* 



But put aside all the amazing world trips, luxury accommodations, LOUIS VUITTON luggage!!! *faints* Yes, all that is nothing compared to the horrors of wait for it--- a forced 9PM curfew!




I mean sure everything sounds so glamorous, but a curfew at 9pm? That's just the last straw. I mean the night is barely starting and I don't go to bed until easily 11pm. Damn! I just couldn't live life like that. No wonder Holly is so understandably scarred from such a harrowing experience. 


Still, all the perks? *thinks about it* Could I fake being asleep by 9? You know be in bed but still be on my Kindle? If so, -thanks for the warning, Holly, but I'll think I'll take my chances. Open up a room for me at the mansion, Hef! LOL


P.S. There's also lots of shade thrown about her relationship with Criss Angel. AND even more shade at Kendra Wilkenson and almost every other person Holly's ever interacted with. The only one who gets off scott free is Bridget. It was a bit much - though I enjoyed every salacious moment of it. 


The only thing I was disappointed with was that she married someone (after she got pregnant) who was totally off the radar. Some promoter or something. I was all What???

Not a CEO or a business owner, prince - something that I can print on a t-shirt and say, I survived a 9pm curfew but now I'm married to a prince, Bitch! Or something??! Ugh :(




Down the Rabbit Hole features: 

  • erotica
  • anal sex
  • menage
  • f/m/f
  • f/f
  • autobiography
  • suspense