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Ugh...Poor Sam :(

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The Assassin and the Empire - Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars. It's pretty annoying how ridiculously naive and trusting, Cel, the supposed world's greatest assassin is. It's far fetched to believe that someone who dispatches death as easily as making a sandwich can't sum up the basic human knowledge and get a clue as who's lying to her. 


Cel's Master is at it again in this short novel, pulling the strings on Cel's and Sam's life since we learn at the end of the novel that he's secretly in love with Cel - EWWW - (cue the creepy Woody Allen vibes) and he's mad Cel show Sam over him.


So a trap is set and Cel of course falls for it, ending up depressed over Sam being mutilated and tortured and she of course did nothing to save him. The world's greatest assassin - who could easily step in and help her boyfriend - what does she do? OMG she falls ASLEEP because she was tired. Really?! That's the explanation we get as to why she didn't scour the streets and try to find Sam? 


I'd be burning up the entire town, laying wake to death and destruction indiscriminately until I found him - alive. If he was dead, well then forget it. All bets would be off. But fall asleep? Really? Your boyfriend who's gone alone to super suicidal mission no one has undertaken before, doesn't arrive at the appointed time and you go to sleep and wait it out until morning? Ugh! 


I'm only giving this series one more book to read. If Cel continues being this naive and ridiculous, I'm getting off the train. 


In the end, she plays right into everyone' hands. Sam dies, and she's sent off to prison in the mines. No one is expected to live more than a month (so imagine the turnaround to keep the mines going - if life expectancy is only a month???)


Such a waste...


The Assassin and the Underworld features: 

Young Adult


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main character death