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Not a fan.

— feeling confused
Base Instincts - Larissa Ione

Rating 2 out of 5 stars. I definitely skim read this read all about some nobody characters in the Demonica series. 


Seminus demons can only have female mates, so of course it was an anomaly that Rake is gay. But to survive, he paired up with a succubus who gives him what he needs. But all that changes when he meets Rake, a bounty hunter who likes to experiment as well. 


Can Slake and Rake make their relationship work or will Slake's DNA be what sets them apart? 




I was all sorts of confused with this read - partly because I skim read the whole thing. The author was pretty concrete on the rules of the Seminus demons so it seemed like the whole book was just a big blurb on how she was doing a work-around to get into the m/m scene. 


In the end, it turned out Rake was really a woman, but who had transformed into a man when she became of age, therefore the requirement between Slake and Rake worked out. Just all sorts of confusing and the succubus story was a bit much and over the top. Definitely not a fan, especially since the characters were nobodys in the storyline - just random characters no one ever heard about. 


Base Instincts features:


  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • m/m
  • f/m
  • suspense
  • mystery
  • demons
  • incubus
  • succubus
  • angels