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Cold Hard Secret - Sierra Dean

After Secret's harrowing ordeal at the hands of the Doctor, she's been having a rough time. She can't stand being touched, and it's wearing on her relationship with Desmond. 


But things change when she heads over to Paris with Desmond in tow, determined to bring back Alexandre Payton's head and avenge all the wrongs he's done. Running around the streets and sewers in Paris isn't the romantic rendezvous she imagined she'd have with Desmond, but nothing will get in Secret's way to finally bring Alexandre to justice. 


But things don't go as planned, and Desmond is hurt - though Secret gets her man in the end. But she pays a hefty price for this. Her long held secret of her true identify is out. Now everyone knows she's half wolf and half vampire and everyone sets out to gun her down. So just when Secret's finally down one problem, several others rear their ugly heads. 


As if her identity being known wasn't bad enough, now Secret's mother, Mercy, is back again with another wolf pack, and she's giving it her all to bring down her daughter. 


Plus, after a visit with our favorite Oracle, Secret must finally end her love triangles and choose just one man. But can she bring herself to break her beloveds' hearts? 


But that's not all - the Fairy King - Aubrey decided it's finally time to collect on that favor that Secret owes him. And don't forget Callum - Secret's uncle and the Werewolf king of the South who insists he needs Secret to serve him Mercy's head on a platter. 


All this drama - plus a wedding proposal in the middle of a slaughter house is just what you'd expect to read about in Secret's world. 


And just when the dust finally settles and Secret is set to go home, the world spins on it's axis. What the heck happened to New York and why is it on fire? More importantly, why are zombies suddenly a topic of interest? Just what is going on? 


This book features: 

paranormal romance


no sexual content








character death/s