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Cold Hard Secret - Sierra Dean

After her harrowing ordeal at the hands of The Doctor, Secret is left a broken shell and in book 7, she's slowing picking up the pieces. That is, until she hears Peyton has been spotted in Paris and with Desmond in tow, she sets out hellbent on revenge. 


But as she's taking care of business, Secret's true nature is revealed and the repercussion of her secret being out in the open is devastating. Not only does she have to deal with the Vampire Council finding out, but her wolf pack as well. 


But Secret has little time for trials and such as she's busy hunting down her mother, too. That's it, Secret's finally had it and she's kicking ass and taking names, resolving things in a permanent matter. 


But just as debts are settled and it seems like Secret is finally at a place where she's ACTUALLY choosing one guy to settle with, we're left with one hell of a cliffhanger ending no one could have ever imagined. Just what the heck is going on? Will Secret and her friends survive to fight another day?  


Cold Hard Secret features:

paranormal romance
character death/s

cliffhanger ending