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Mr. Bossy - R.K. Lilley

Wow! I absolutely loved this book! It was a total smutty take on Pretty Woman from the stripper bar.  The insta-love was a bit over the top, but with all the dirty talking, crazy antics, I'll totally look past that! :) 

Greta is a stripper at the local bar with a heart of gold. She's taken in her sister who's got 4 kids, each from a different father. Greta vows to take care of her sister and nephews and stripping is the way for now. 


One night a gorgeous Russian, Kash, walks into the club and she finds herself breaking almost all the rules she's set up to protect herself. In minutes, she's got him eating out of her hand - er well actually something else. LOL


Kash is a powerful and successful man who doesn't take no for an answer. When he sees Greta he knows he wants her and he'll stop at nothing to have her. He has a proposition for her though, $15,000 upfront for Greta to join him for the weekend and go with him to his ex's wedding to make his ex wildly jealous. He'll also give her $15,000 when the weekend's done. 


Thinking of her needful family, Greta agrees, partly for the money but more so for how Kash makes her feel. Pretty soon Greta's in over her head as Kash remakes her into the woman he wants with a full makeover and new outfits plus jewelry galore. 


But before she can stop herself, Greta finds herself falling in love with Kash's filthy mouth and depraved ways she just can't say no to. What will she do if Kash's ex wants him back? What the heck did she get herself into? 


Mr. Bossy features: 


oral sex

backdoor play