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In The Warrior's Bed - Mary Wine, James Griffin

In The Warrior's Bed is the second installment of McJames Series and it doesn't disappoint. In this installment, we get Cullen McJames' story. 


Cullen is Broderick's brother and second earl of Sterling. In the previous book, we meet him where he's all mischievous and such a flirt. Broderick hints at him that it's high time he wed and a good match for him would be Bronwyn McQuade, the daughter of their long time rival. The match would be good to finally calm down the wars and raids and bring peace among the clans. 


And though everyone's heard stories about Bronwyn's temper, which keeps most suitors away, Cullen agrees and knows he must respond to his clan's wishes. But all that goes to hell when he meets a beautiful girl on the border to his lands. 


The girl is a mystery and won't tell him her name, but Cullen is struck and won't stop until he gets her. But as luck would have it, the mysterious girl is none other than Bronwyn herself and before Cullen can start the wooing process, Bronwyn's father accuses Cullen of using his daughter and labels her as a whore. 


Bronwyn's father has it set in his mind that his daughter will marry no one so that he won't have to give up a rich dowry of lands for her. But instead of driving Cullen away, this propels him more to take Bronwyn and clear his name by making her his wife. 


With the help of friends, they steal Bronwyn and so begins the chase of love and the thrill of sex between Cullen and Bronwyn. Their chemistry is scorching hot and the story is full of intrigue and so many explosive events. 


Can Cullen and Bronwyn make it together or will their long standing family feud get in the way of their love? And will her father stand by idly or will he take matters into his own hands and rid himself of a daughter he's never wanted just so can keep his lands? 


In the Warrior's Bed features: 


oral sex

historical romance