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DNF - great cover, though.

Naughty or Nice: Diana is a Sex Slave - Alexandra Scott

1 out of 5 stars. I'm all for a wild and sexy romp, but I just couldn't get into this read with all my red flags waving like crazy. 


Diana writes a steamy erotica book while in college and along with her check she receives an invitation to an unknown address. Foregoing any sense of danger, she apparently has no friends to tell where she's going to go, and immediately sets off to this unknown address. 


Once there, she realizes it's a sex party, much like the one she wrote about in her fantasy book, and she just can't wait to partake in the events with naked strangers in the room. She's not even one orgasm in, when she's tied up with ropes and made only to watch the events happening around her and told she's got to be good for the men and women to play with her. 


At this point, I'd start to panic. You're in a stranger's home, tied up no less, and with no means to escape. But that's not the worst part. The women in this book are so amazingly annoying, I couldn't get past how they kept stating the obvious. It got tedious fast. That and the repeating of the story in each and every chapter beginning made me close out my Kindle at 50% and go on to the next read. 


Naughty or Nice features: 

  • erotica
  • BDSM
  • oral sex
  • backdoor play
  • orgy
  • menage
  • m/f/m
  • m/f
  • f/f
  • quick read

did not finish