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WTF? April 2013??? Where's the sequel?

Black Rose, Episode One: A BDSM Novella (Black Rose, #1) - Jane Aire

4 out of 5 stars! Wow! This is a great book, but trust me when I say: Don't read it until #2 comes out. Trust me, you don't need this added frustration of wondering what's going to happen! LOL


Anyhoo, I have no clue how I ran across this book, but it was in my Kindle. I was in the middle of purging out books I had no intention of reading and I decided to just read the first paragraph before chucking it. 


That was all it took. I was immediately hooked. Christina is a firefighter's wife. Her husband, Chris, was just in an accident and he's been recovering for months in a hospital. During this time, his long-time friend of 15 years, Ty, has been helping out his wife while he's recuperating. 


Finally, after what seems like forever, Chris is finally good to go home. It couldn't have come at a better time as Christina is just at her rope's end dealing with her overbearing - but fun to read - mother. 


But now at home, Chris & Christina aren't jelling. Their sex life isn't what it used to be and even though they still love each other, they just can't reignite the sizzle in their relationship. 


Ty, seeing how much his friend, Chris is suffering, has finally had enough. He's a domineering man and he's not used to a woman making all the rules. He confronts Christina and tells her she's got to stop messing around and take care of her man. 


His domineering act really affects Christina and him. It's not long before they both realize they ignite each other's passion and they can't put a stop to how they feel. 


Christina is at a crossroads, and it couldn't come at a worse time. She's about to embark on a lucrative business venture that will open up her business into a franchise and enable her to sell her own beauty products. But it seems that gets put into the back burner as she needs to decide what to do with her life. 


Should she stay with her predictable and safe husband, Chris, or embark on a passionate road to the unknown with Ty who sets her aflame with lust and passion? What's she going to do? 



OMG! I can not believe that this book was published in April of 2013!!! WTF? It ends in a bizarre type of cliffhanger that you know there is more to the story. I mean did you notice it says #1 on the title? Where's #2? What's the hold up here? Ugh.... I should have checked this before even reading this book. Now I'm all frustrated wondering what's going to happen. :( 


Took off one star because there were a lot of grammatical errors with missing punctuation marks - though I'm not sure if the author (who is from the UK) has transitioned to American punctuation or has an American editor. And the characters' language, who are African American, is sometimes hard to read. I'm not sure if they are typos or if they reflect their speech. It was jarring at times, but other than that I really enjoyed the story. Hope part 2 is somewhere in the works - though it's weird that the author's twitter and FB page have been deleted, leaving only her blog and this sole book up on Goodreads. *le sigh* 


Black Rose features: 



backdoor play



African American