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Short, sexxy, and spectacular!

Confessions of a Sex Demon - Jaye Shields

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars! 


Zahra is a sassy succubus who owes Bane, a wizard, a huge debt. Her adopted sister was a heavy user of drugs supplied by Bane, and now that Zahra has taken it upon herself to care for her, Bane demands he be paid in full. 


So, Zahra works at what she does best and takes in clients to pay off her debt. Everything continues as usual until one day a blacksmith comes to town. 


Lennox is a blacksmith dead set on revenge. His marriage was ended by an incubus who ran off with his wife. He learns that this incubus has a sister named Zahra in town and he's filled with a desire to enact revenge for the wrongs he's been dealt. He quickly kidnaps Zahra and all hell brakes loose. 


Little did Lennox know that Zahra is nothing like the succubuses he's heard about, and it's not long before he realizes he's made a mistake. Can he ever get Zahra to understand and forgive him? Can he ever forgive himself and open his heart again? And what of Bane? Will he just let Lennox take his biggest money maker? 




Confessions of a Sex Demon hits the ground running and packs quite a punch for a short story. I was pleasantly surprised at the different elements in the world building and I can't wait to read more installments of this story! 


Zahra is hands down my fave character. Her sassiness knows no bounds and I love it! 


The only thing I was confused by was the title. Zahra didn't confess anything, she was too busy enjoying her time with Lennox. ;)


Confessions of a Sex Demon features: 


oral sex

dubious consent







drug themes


alpha male



quick read