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Quick read: fun & sexxy!

Art & Seduction - Elaine Radley

Rating 4 out of 5 stars. Eliza works for an art gallery and one of its artists, Daniel, has her feeling dizzy. After his divorce, he's been quite the player, never spending more than one night with a girl. 


Eliza has tried her hardest to keep her distance, but one night while at a party and after several drinks, her inhibitions drop after she shares a wild elevator ride with Daniel. She vows she will never repeat the act, but she can't stop thinking about it either. 


Daniel is likewise affected and realizes she's the one for him. He devises a plan to get Eliza to his house under the guise of discussing business. He also invites her art gallery bosses, but at a later time, so he can get her all to himself for a bit. 


Sparks fly and things get too close for comfort. Will Daniel finally confess his feelings for Eliza? Will Eliza accept Daniel into her heart, or is she too busy climaxing to hear what Daniel's saying? 


Art & Seduction is a quick, fun, and sexxy read, full of delicious sexual tension and anticipation. Get ready to warn the neighbors because when these two get together it's gonna get loud! 


Art & Seduction features: 

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • quick read
  • contemporary romance