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Seduce Me in Shadow - Shayla Black

Rating: Extremely generous 3 out of 5 Stars. OMG this took FOREVER to skim read through! *faints* 


The Doomsday Brethren is at again, trying to foil Mathias' plans to steal the Doomsday Diary. Lurking in the deep recess of the background and only mentioned as a backdrop, Bram gets mated to a mystery woman who steals the diary from him. 


Bram has no way of finding his mate (what kind of second rate wizard is he? Merlin-his ancestor-is rolling in his grave in shame. And what? no private detective can help? no Find my iPhone app? Ridiculous) and the diary gets passed to his mates' friend, Aquarius, who uses it to fulfill sexual desires. Well, Aquarius has a friend, Sydney, who's also sexually frustrated, and Aquarius immediately thinks to give Sydney the book to make her sexual fantasies come true. 


Sydney, a human journalist for a ragtag mag that would kill to have The National Enquirer fame, writes stories dealing with rumors of a magical war. This attracts the attention of Bram, who is trying to keep their magical war secret from the humans, fearing another Salem witch hunt. 


Bram sends Caden, Lucan's brother and former Marine to shut things down and find out who Sydney's source is. Caden complies, thinking the source could actually be Anka, Lucan's missing mate. But insta-love gets in the way, and Caden - who hasn't transitioned into a wizard yet - falls head over heels with Sydney. 


He tries to keep his distance, because love isn't in the cards right now and he's got his hands full with his suffering brother and the magical war he's trying so hard not be a part of. 


Sydney has other plans in mind and writes her sexual fantasies in the diary. Of course, it's not long before Caden's knocking down her door and you can guess what happens. 


Blah! What happens for the majority of this book is a back and forth of Caden not wanting to get into a deep relationship with Sydney, and Sydney doing stupid things because Caden doesn't want to commit. OMG no one truly cares. 


The only thing that kept me skimming was the background story of Anka and Lucan and Shock who gets mixed into a love triangle. And what of Bram's mate? 


I plan to skim the rest of the novels of this series and stop only when these 4 characters are mentioned. Everything else is just too much for me. I just don't understand why they don't write in the stupid diary to end Mathias' life, or maybe they did and I skimmed too fast and didn't catch it.


Either way, it's just too much. On to skim the next book! :) 


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oral sex

paranormal romance