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Not what I expected.

Jack Hammer - Tabatha Vargo, Melissa Andrea, Romantic Book Affairs

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars! Jack Hammer was not what I expected. I went into this thinking it would be a Magic Mike type of read and I was ready for it! But before I could even get to the start line, I had to pump my brakes when after a short snippet at the strip club, we get transported to High School! 


*record scratch* What the? That's right, Jack Hammer starts out at the club with bumping and grinding, dirty dancing and wait a minute! The characters recognize each other after being apart for some time. Then: "OMG I know you from somewhere!" And whoosh, the backstory kicks in. *sad Julie* Then we are subjected to 53% of the backstory of how the characters met and fell in love. 


I totally skim-read this book, waiting to see when were we going back to the club. You know, the reason I picked up this book? If only the author's blurb had warned me about this, I wouldn't be so devastated or confused. But then again, I wouldn't have read it, knowing it featured a High School, NA story. *le sigh*



But the cover is amazing (and the only reason I stuck through to the end) so in case you're interested in an NA story featuring a High School How-We-Met backstory, then Jack Hammer's perfect for you. 


Chelsey is the rich, good girl/school nerd with a bright future ahead of her at Columbia University. Blaine is the hot guy from the wrong side of the tracks who's into drugs, slacking, and has no clue what his future holds, but knows girls can't keep their hands off him. 


When Blaine meets Chelsea, he suddenly wants to change and falls in love with her. But so much tragedy happens that it's hard to keep hope for their young love alive. 


Can Blaine and Chelsea make it through despite the insurmountable obstacles in their path? Can they ever have an HEA? 


Jack Hammer features: 

New Adult


oral sex