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Great world building

The Queen's Consorts - Kele Moon

Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars. The Queen's Consorts is a great book if you're totally into the m/m scene. Since I was looking more of an m/f/m vibe, I skim read through most of the book. 


The world building of The Queen's Consorts is great and imaginative. Their world is a matriarchy, ruled by a queen who is literally tied to the world. The weather and anything going on in the land is a direct correlation to the queen's mood/emotions.


Men have their place in society, but women are the ones in charge.


But though there is a hierarchy, not everyone is content with the way things are. We learn of a plot by power hungry females who overthrew the previous queen and killed her consorts/lifemates. The princess, a child at the time, was taken into hiding and a council of women have led the kingdom in the queen's absence.  


Rumors have always abounded claiming the rightful queen would return one day, and the sun would shine once more. 


Sari is a former sex slave who escaped her masters and now roams the street. She's on her own until she saves a young homeless girl from a ruthless street gang intent on selling the young girl. A street fight ensues and it catches the attention of one of the royal guards, Macro. 


Macro is loyal to the long lost queen and he's in shock when he sees the royal necklace around the neck of a dirty street urchin fighting for her life against some street thugs. He quickly jumps into action, knowing he's finally found the true queen of their world. 


But will the power hungry females allow Sari to take her rightful place as queen? Not a chance.



The Queen's Consorts is a perfect read, especially if you enjoy m/m themes - and every couple in the book features this since there are two males for every woman. I'm too selfish and want to be the center of attention, so an m/m in a menage just doesn't do it for me LOL 


The Queen's Consorts features: 







backdoor play

oral sex

non-consensual sex

paranormal romance


narcotics use