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Wolf Fight: A Moretti Werewolf Novel (The Art of Claiming an Alpha Book 1) - Marian Tee

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars! Wolf Fight is a super short read that raises more than a few questions, but the sizzling chemistry between the two leads is scorching hotttt - it makes you want to leave everything to the side and continue reading. 


It's not clear why but Calys (who I'm not sure what she is exactly) fights in an underground shifter ring. Touted as a Human Monster (?) she's somehow tied to a panther shifter clan and is their princess. (?) When she gets upset, a "dark force" takes over her and turns her into an uncontrollable rabid, killing machine. 


She can't take over the clan since she's a human (?) so she needs to have a Cavalier (champion) fight her battles for her - even though she can lay waste to a small village all by herself. 


Calys is a dreamer who dreams of superheroes and she has a favorite fighter in the ring, though he's masked. It's not clear why her masked superhero suddenly shows up at exactly the time she's examining her breasts (?), but they meet and he's instantly smitten with Caly and her body. 


The fighter insists Calys unmask him and she reveals he's none other than Prince Alejandro, a werewolf with a whole lot of issues. Calys tells him her problem and after a few kisses and dispatching a few bad guys who also stumble up to where they are (?), Alejandro tells Calys he will be her Cavalier and she has to repay him with sex.


We are then whisked to an auction where Calys is to choose a Cavalier or a consort (mate). Much to Calys' surprise, Alejandro makes it to the auction, but is he there to fully commit to Calys as her mate or will is he only there to continue the game they began to play? 


Wolf Fight features: 



oral sex

sexual tension

paranormal romance



alpha male

cliffhanger ending


quick read