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Alpha Exposed - Anya Breton

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars! Alpha Exposed included the perfect blend of Alpha male goodness and paranormal romance I love, though I wish they'd cut down on the exhibition aspect. 


Samantha (Sam) is a half blood Air Witch with her hands full. She's got a flourishing catering business and a younger sister, Kari, who is constantly giving her headaches from her incessant threats of running away to New York. 


Sam trudges on and though she's had quite few ex's she's never forgot how Dion, a gangster weretiger came onto her a few months past. Though he was super sexxy and made her tingle in all the right places, she doesn't mix business with pleasure, so she turned him down in front of his whole pack and humiliated him when he asked her to work for him in his restaurant.  


Sam puts the experience and the sexxy weretiger at the back of her mind until one day her sister, Kari goes missing. Sam enlists the help of all her witch contacts, but they all refuse to help since they are half bloods and because they surmise Kari just went ahead with her threats to leave to New York. 


Desperate for help, Sam goes to Dion's place and asks his help to find her lost sister since he's some sort of Underground boss. Dion is glad the witch he's been dreaming about for months finally came to him with her tail between her legs and he can't wait to make her pay for humiliating him in front of his pack. 


He agrees to help her with the condition that she agrees to public sex. Sam tries to negotiate and ends up making the one time thing a three shot sex deal instead. 


Dion is thrilled, but the more time he spends with Sam, the more he wants from her. It's not long before he's dreaming of turning her into his mate, but does Sam harbor the same feelings for him or is she just into him for the amazing orgasms he gives her? 



I truly enjoyed the book and though there was a lead-up to the public sex thing, I would have thought that by the time we had gotten there, Dion would have woken up and realized that what he felt for Sam was special and intimate, not something everyone should partake in. 


Plus, the whole club scene where people were shouting in and commenting as Sam and Dion were being intimate just creeped me out LOL It would have been a perfect 5 star read if only this had been left out. 


Alpha Exposed features: 

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • backdoor play
  • exhibitionism
  • paranormal romance
  • magic
  • shifters
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • kidnapping