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Not as good as the first book :)

Bitten by Magic - Kelliea Ashley

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars! Bitten By Magic is not as good as the first book in the series, in that I was expecting a bit of the same formula present in the first (A yummy Alpha male).


Bitten By Magic takes place right after the end of the previous book. Alexa (a witch), Keeper of the Treaty, offers herself in marriage to the vampire Elder, Wilhelm Chambers, in exchange for him forgetting the wrongs Alexa's cousin, Allison, supposedly did him. If you remember, Allison steals away his child/young bride (not sure on the age) because the girl did not want to marry the vampire Elder.


On the cusp of war, Allison seeks refuge with the wolf clan who are implicated in the matter by an unknown source. Allison and the wolf alpha, Reginald, fall in love and to keep them together, Alexa offers herself in place of the unwilling bride if only Wilhelm agrees not to do anything against the wolves or her cousin, Allison.


Wilhelm agrees and it's a frustrating 45% of the book showing Alexa and Wil fight one another's attraction and there's a constant power struggle between them. There's also a minor conflict with a female vampire who had already laid claim (in her mind at least) to the vampire elder. 


But then a mystery's afoot and there seems to be some evil plot hatched by a nefarious wizard, the High Priest, who is dead set on getting his hands on an ancient book the vampire elder is thought to possess which would grant unlimited power. 


The High Priest comes for Alexa's head, as he means to get her out of his way before he climbs to the top. At first, Wilhelm is all for letting his new wife, Alexa, suffer for the whole kidnapping situation, but he begins to soften around Alexa after he shoves her around a time or two, drinks her blood, and sexxes her up. 


Will the vampire elder realize too late that he's actually in love with a stubborn woman and he doesn't want a meek, mild mannered wife, after all? And what of the High Priest? Will he succeed in his plans to obtain the sacred book and gain unlimited power? 


There was something I noticed about this series. Bitten By Magic was written in 2013, and it seems unlikely there will be a third installment of the series, though the ending clearly set up a continuation and !Spoiler! the bad guy gets away at the end and we leave off with everyone gathering a search party to find the evil doer and bring him to justice. I guess we'll never know. *le sigh*  



Bitten By Magic features: 


oral sex

paranormal romance