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Ugh! Beta Males Galore :(

The Heir - Kiera Cass

Rating 3 out of 5 Stars! 


I was surprised when I saw part 4 of The Selection Series had been released. I had no clue there was even a sequel in the works. So of course, I dove right into the book, knowing I was in for a good read. But then *record scratch*. It wasn't meant to be. The Heir just didn't do it for me. 


The tables are completely turned in this book as it is America and Maxon's daughter (whose name I can't hold onto) who is next in line to inherit the kingdom. 


As expected, America and Maxon change their country for the better, undoing the caste system that so troubled their populace. But that didn't seem to do anyone any favors, and the people still aren't happy as rampant class racism is still prevalent everywhere. 


America and Maxon can't seem to find the solution the people crave, so they tell their daughter she can hold a selection and choose a mate, since that always seems to distract the populace from their problems.


But their daughter - who has been groomed since birth to be queen - never planned on taking a mate and is known as a bit of a killjoy and a spinster even at her age of 18. There's nothing soft or sweet about her and she's just not looking forward to pretending she needs a man at her side to rule. 


Besides, who ever she chooses as a husband will not be a King, instead he'll be a prince consort; a glorified companion at her side who must always be content to be in the shadows and only let her shine. A complete utter Beta Male. Ugh!


This was where I jumped ship, because I really wasn't vested into the would-be queen's character, and Beta Males aren't my cup of tea at all.


I really wished this was a continuation of Maxon and America's story, but it's centered more around their children. 


BTW, I found it odd to see that America and Aspen actually live under the same roof and when Aspen's wife can't conceive children, she offers to be a surrogate. Wow! What was that convo like with Maxon, I wonder? LOL 


Back to the daughter's story line which is so ridiculous - I can't get how she goes from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye. Just because one of the contestants touched her, she goes all hysterical and all hell brakes loose. I'm like - seriously? You're expected to run a country, but can't handle it when a guy gets grabby? *smh*


And then there's Kile, a guy who she's grown up with (Marlee's son who also lives in the palace) and she utterly despises him. But then he magically gets put into the Selection and she chooses him for a kissing photo op so people will think she's a girl after all. 


Kile goes along with it, though he can't stand her either and tells her she's the most spoiled girl he's ever met. He dreams of escaping his parents and the palace and live his life, and the would-be queen promises she'll use her clout to get him out if he just goes along with the romantic charade. 


But then the would-be queen finds she likes Kiles' kisses and is randomly attacking him and makeout raping him whenever she's stressed. 


And then, she's also finding a warm spot for the other contestants - who are all from underprivileged backgrounds. Not one of them is an accomplished man; they're all boys. Plus, throw in one contestant who tells her he has no problems being a kept man. He's gorgeous and promises to sulk in the corner while she gives him all the comforts and royal pampering he deserves. 


All of them aren't worth a hill of beans. Just utter useless. Ugh!


*le sigh* This book is definitely a 1 star, but I added 2 more because there are some few scenes with America and Maxon I really enjoyed. 


The Heir features: 


  • YA 
  • making out
  • kissing
  • intrigue
  • romance
  • Beta Males