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Pirate's Price - Aubrey Ross

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars. I thought Pirate's Price would be so predictable. Girl gets kidnapped and falls in love with pirate captor. Well, I couldn't be more wrong. Plus, I really wasn't into all the m/m and science fiction scenes. 


Rana is a princess who obeys her mother, the queen. She hasn't had a lot of experience with men and was caught red-handed in the act with her lover bodyguard and his boyfriend. Rana didn't much like the experience as she wanted to have the relationship be all about her, but her bodyguard told her time and time again that he loved his boyfriend and not her, yet would get one in from time to time with her. Ugh!


So, in order to hush a scandal down, Rana agrees to have the bodyguard relocated and she fulfills her duty to her kingdom by marrying someone of her mother's choosing. Her mother, the queen, chooses the worst, but very rich, candidate ever: a neighboring King. 


The King has a kinky side. He likes to recreate the time when he caught his deceased wife with her lover and tells Rana their marriage will be a three way partnership. 

Rana can't believe her bad luck and agrees to the marriage, but secretly plots to have herself kidnapped so she won't have to go through with what her mother arranged.  


Rana hires Vik, a ruthless space pirate who just happened to be the kingdom's ruler before Rana's father had his family killed and he took over. Vik vows to go through with the kidnapping based on the personal vendetta he's been plotting against Rana's family. 


But when he meets Rana and learns of her story, he can't help himself but fall in love. Instead of being her captor, Vik becomes her Master and lets her explore all the sexual scenarios Rana's been thinking about. But will they have time to explore their desires when Rana's betrothed King sends an assassin to dispose of her and take her kingdom?


Pirate's Price features:


science fiction


oral sex

backdoor play