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Indiscretion: Volume Three - Elisabeth Grace

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars! After reading a newspaper article where Max had thrown her under the bus, Chloe was all set to ends things off between them early. But when Max explains how things truly happened, Chloe can't stay mad at him for too long. 


They quickly restart their torrid affair, but strange things happening at Chloe's house have her wondering if someone's out to harm her. Max hires her a bodyguard, just to make sure she's safe. 


As Chloe and Max's relationship continues, their feelings or one another deepens. What started out as a fling has now turned into something more, though they both don't know how the other would fit into the other's life. 


Chloe is busy keeping her trysts with Max on the DL, since her job relies on her staying away from him and it's bad news when a charity event she was planning suddenly loses the main speaker. 


Max volunteers to help, and is blindsided by his father wanting to attend the event as well. Not knowing how things will play out, the night of the event finally arrives and Max is stunned his father brings along his ex-fiance with him. 


Max knows nothing good will come of his ex being there, but can he find Chloe in time to explain things or will everything take a horrible turn? 


Indiscretion Part 3 features:


oral sex





short read