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Great continuation!

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Lockout - Maya Cross

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars! The story continues in Lockout, the second installment of The Alpha Group Series. So far, we haven't learned too much what the Alpha Group is all about, but we get a minor glimpse into it in this book. 


The last book leaves off where Sophia happens to see Sebastian's cell and gets a nasty surprise. She decides to cut things off with him. But when Sebastian gets a hold of her and explains what really happens, she forgives him and she realizes that the arrangement they initially started their relationship with has now taken a deeper turn. 


Sebastian, likewise, doesn't want to get too involved with Sophia, but more and more it seems his resolve isn't worth a lick whenever he's around her. He knows he's falling in love with her, but because of his mysterious life and job he knows he's got to end things before Sophia ends up getting hurt. 


Sophia's life couldn't be at a worse point. Her relationship with Sebastian is a big question mark and it runs hot and cold from one day to the next. But her job is also giving her a headache. Lots of problems surge with cutthroat office politics and it's taking a toll on Sohpia.


Can Sophia and Sebastian make it out on top, or will the deep mysteries surrounding the Alpha Group be too much for them? 


Lockout features: 


oral sex