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Unlocked - Maya Cross

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars! Unlocked is the final book of The Alpha Group series by Maya Cross. In it, we finally get a glimpse into Sebastian's thoughts and we are privy to some of the secrets that make up the mysterious and oh so dangerous Alpha Group. 


In the last book, Sophia is kidnapped and it's unclear who is responsible for the act since the Alpha Group has a long list of enemies. Worried that history will repeat itself and that he'll lose the woman he loves again to a terrible tragedy, Sebastian takes matters into his own hands and single-handedly gets a squad of guys together and rescues Sophia - damn the consequences. 


It's an all out declaration of war against the Alpha Group when two members turn up dead and Sophia is stashed away for safekeeping with the remaining Alpha members in a safe house. Things are tense, especially since the members see Sophia as a civilian - an outsider who knows too much about their ultra secret society. 


But they can't act on things yet since they have to figure out who's after them first, though the issue looms over everyone's head. Sebastian doesn't know who to trust and against his better judgment, he returns Sophia to normalcy after everyone is lulled into a false sense of security when the clues to finding the killer on the loose meets with only dead ends.


Time passes and Sophia and Sebastian revel in their love, and everything seems to be going right in their world. Sophia finally deals with her office issues and the result is quite an expected treat. So. when the killer finally makes a move on them they are caught off guard.  


Can Sophia and Sebastian make it out alive and keep their love intact or will a new turn of events change everything for the worse? 


Lockout features: 


oral sex


backdoor play




organized crime