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Not my cup of tea :(

Claiming of a Sex Demon - Jaye Shields

Rating 2 out of 5 stars. The 2nd book of the Sex Demon Trilogy was not my cup of tea.


Book 1 of the series features a snarky, bigger than life female character - and it was one of my fave reads. But part 2 is the precursor of part 1, letting us in on the backstory that led to book 1. 


In book 1, we meet Lennox, a blacksmith bent on revenge after his wife leaves him for an incubus (sex demon). Lennox, dead set on enacting revenge, falls upon Zahra, the male incubus' sister whom he treats horribly. After spending some time with Zahra, Lennox realizes she's truly his mate and they both fall in love. 


But book 2 features none of the things I liked about book 1. The female lead somehow feels trapped in a marriage which she finds unfulfilling but lacks the courage to do anything but feel depressed all the time. 


It's not until a sex demon comes to town that she finds herself wanting more - that is after she finds him in an alley with another woman. Really? Ugh. 


She blames her depression on the fact she can never see her husband as anything but the childhood friend she grew up with. Her husband, Lennox, similarly goes through the motions and doesn't strike me one bit as being deeply in love with his wife. 


I mean not to the extent of traveling to another town to exact revenge on the incubus' family? Why? Why wouldn't he just kill the incubus? He has him dead to rights in the end of the book - even runs a blade through him, though is careful not to kill him. Why? 


Just didn't make sense. 


Claiming of a Sex Demon features; 


  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • demons
  • incubus
  • cheating
  • affair