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Finally finished this! LOL

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Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead

Rating: 5 out 5 stars. I'm finally done with this series! It started out great, but my interest definitely waned for this series and I admit the last couple of books, I totally skim read them. I found some spoilers online and knew how this last one would end up and the only reason I opted to read it was to find out what Carter's Christmas miracle was. 


Well, I'm glad I did. RM wraps up this series expertly, making me fall in love all over again with the characters as I had done in the first book. And thankfully, she leaves out any sex scenes that aren't between Seth and Georgina. What a relief! LOL


I'm so in love with Carter and it was such an amazing moment to find out what his true assignment was *sobs*  The only question left in the air was what happened to Roman. 


Succubus Revealed features: 


  • strong sexual situations
  • paranormal romance
  • demons
  • succubus
  • angels
  • vampires
  • incubus
  • happily ever after
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • intrigue