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Immortal Rider  - Larissa Ione

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars. I wasn't too happy with the previous book, and as a matter of fact I was thinking of abandoning this series. I contemplated leaving at a high point as I truly loved the Demonica Series and I didn't want to ruin it. But I hung in there and I found that the first few chapters of the second book were much better at pulling me in than the whole entire first book. 


First off, we get a lot more of the Demonica Series characters, which really helped out the story. Plus, now that the Horsemen characters have been set and the huge infodumps are cut to a minimum in the continuation, I found myself more immersed in the story. 


Plus, we get a double dose of alpha males in the form of Arik and Thantos. They were too yummy! And a side of Reaver *faints in shock* 


Okay, so in the last book, it was all mostly about Ares and Cara and their HEA, but the second book was a free-for-all. In center stage, we learn more about Limos, the female Horsemen (Pestilence) and Arik, a human who's part of the Army's paranormal team the R-XR. Arik doesn't know Limos is betrothed to Satan himself for over thousands of years. 


She's postponed the wedding by staying in the human realm and by promising to not take any lovers. Well all that goes out the window when stubborn Arik stops at nothing to get a kiss out of the beautiful Horseman. 


The kiss lands him in hell and he's tortured daily for his lack of control. His torturers try to get him to say Limos' name in hopes she can finally join Satan's side as his bride. But Arik holds his tongue and endures all as he dreams of one day escaping and taking Limos as his own. His only companion is a Seminus demon named Tav who heals him only so Arik can be tortured again. 


Limos and her brothers are desperate to find Arik as Pestilence regroups his forces to strike at his siblings and set Armageddon back into motion. 


The Aegis don't take things lying down and decide to send in Regan, one of their best female fighters to stay by Thantos side after a scroll Limos finds points to an obscure prophecy that Thantos' child will be the one to stop the Apocalypse. 


Regan signs up for duty, no one knowing however, that it's actually taking Thanto's virginity that will start Doomsday - a secret the Horsemen have kept quiet for over thousands of years. 


For countless eras, Thantos has had to stand by the sidelines, watching as everyone finds someone to care and love while he can never partake in anything serious with anyone lest he starts the end of the world. But Regan is unlike any woman he's ever encountered. Her special abilities to read the sentiment in ink and parchment intrigues him just as much as her beauty. 


The book phases in and out featuring Limos and Arik, then bounces back to Thantos and Regan, but that's not all. We also get a side story of Reaver and Harvester, the good and bad angels whose story is shocking, confusing, and a whole other experience



Good Lord - what just happened? What did I just read? 




Immortal Rider really picks up steam and I can't wait to read the next book! 


Immortal Rider features: 

  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • kidnapping
  • non-consensual sex
  • torture
  • angst
  • betrayal
  • intrigue
  • narcotics
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • vampires
  • shifters
  • demons
  • angels
  • theology