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Skim-Read Thru Reseph's Storyline

Rogue Rider - Larissa Ione

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars. To me there just isn't any plausible way to find any redeemable qualities in Reseph when he turned into Pestilence. Perhaps if we had met him as Res, I might have found a way back, but since all we've seen are the atrocities he's committed as Pestilence I just couldn't immerse myself into his story. 


I skim-read through any/all mentions of Res and Jillian. I just skimmed that Jillian had been attacked by some Soulshredder demons during the height of Pestilence's attack on the world. She survived, but is left a shell of herself. 


Living in an isolation after her life falls apart, she's surprised one day to find a stranger in a snowbank - oh a naked stranger. She immediately takes the unconscious man home and nurses him to health. The stranger has lost his memory and only remembers he is called Reseph. 


So begins a new life for Jillian who eventually falls in love with the stranger and the stranger in turn falls in love with her. When Res tells her he plans to stop searching for answers to who he is and instead revel in the happiness he finds in her, all hell breaks loose. 


His past comes back to haunt him as his siblings find him and take him back to his previous life. Memories of what he'd done as Pestilence come back to him and he's tormented for days for the atrocities he's committed. 


Desperate to end his suffering, his siblings turn to Harvester who tells them she can bond Jillian to Res and let him regain his sanity. After it's revealed that Pestilence was directly responsible for the demon attack she endured, Jillian moves past her trauma and finds her strength in the love she feels for Res. She decides to bind with him. 


Now for the first time, Res is faced with having something/someone to fight for. Before he's always stayed on the sidelines, just letting life pass him by. But now he knows he must fight the evil Pestilence inside him if he is ever to live a happy life with Jillian. But can he do it? 




I'm sorry, but no amount of head bashing or eye gouging can make up for all the heinous acts Pestilence committed. I can't find any redeeming qualities for this character, so I couldn't even immerse myself in Res' storyline. So I totally skimmed any passages on him and Jillian and only read the when other characters came out. Here's the best parts of this book: 


Reaver: A huge secret is revealed regarding Reaver and how he's tied into the Four Horsemen. I was floored and definitely didn't see it coming. 



Harvester: I sensed something was up with this character, but I had no clue as to the realities of her betrayal. OMG in a few seconds, she totally had me and I was floored by her sacrifice and Whine??? *faints and sobs* 




Lilith - So glad she's finally dead! Glad Res killed her, but still he's not redeemed by any means to me, nor someone I care to read about. IMHO, he should have been killed and that would have been that. If Larissa Ione wanted me as a reader to care about Res, we should have met him for a whole book as Res and known him, not Pestilence. 


Lucifer - So he's also dead, but no big deal there. Gethel is still on the loose and it seems like she's going to be the last one to go down. 


Revenant - he's new to the series. The Watcher fallen angel assigned to the Horsemen. I really wasn't interested in him, except he's going to get his own book coming up. So, I imagine he's going to be important somehow. 


Limos - she's pregnant! Woot! That was great news! 


Now I'm all set and pumped for Reaver's book! OMG can't wait for him to rescue Harvester!!! *faints* 


Rogue Rider features: 


  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • paranormal romance
  • demons
  • angels
  • shifters
  • vampires
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • intrigue
  • torture
  • angst
  • betrayal
  • kidnapping
  • amnesia