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Hades: A Demonica Novella - Larissa Ione

Rating 5 out of 5 Stars: Hades serves Azagoth and is charged with holding souls until they are reincarnated. He's gotten on Azagoth's shit list for killing one of his sons in the past, and as a result, Azagoth forbids him any contact with females in his realm, only allowing him a few hours here and there to spend some time on Earth. 


Hades knows he can't form any lasting relationships, so he goes with the flow until he meets, Cat, the gorgeous red head working for Azagoth. But before he can make a move, he's warned to keep away from her or face Azagoth's wrath. Resigned to his fate, Hades only looks and longs from afar. 


Cat is a recent Fallen Angel trying her best to get her wings back - and only finds herself distracted with all the man candy at her disposal while working with Azagoth. First there was Z - who turned out to be a dud, though the rumor quickly ran that they had been together. Then there's Hades, the powerful Enigma she wishes would even look her way. 


Cat's a terrible housekeeper and always ends up breaking more things than she cleans. So it's no surprise that one day she accidentally opens up Azagoth's portal and ushers souls to the wrong place. At first she feels like nothing could have possibly happened wrong, so she decides to keep mum on the matter. 


But when Reaver shows up a few days later saying everything's about to come undone, Cat decides to take upon herself and fix her wrongs. She travels to Hades' domain and learns more about the powerful man she's been longing for. But will they be able to make things work when it's discovered that she's off limits to Hades? And will Cat be able to mend her wrongs, or is all lost forever? 


Hades features: 


oral sex