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Great Paranormal Read!

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Crimson Debt - Evangeline Anderson

Addison is a non-glam human, and can't be glamoured by vampires. This makes her job working as an Auditor ideal as she keeps the vampires in her area in check - making sure they don't do any harm to humans. 


But Addison - who initially wanted to be a Literature professor - has a powerful reason for choosing her job, her best friend, Taylor. Addison and Taylor were both two young college girls in pursuit of their dreams until one fateful night they catch a show of a powerful vampire, Celeste. 


Celeste takes a liking a to Taylor and takes her against her will, turning her into a vampire. Now, both of the girls' lives have changed forever. Celeste is not a good master, and treats Taylor horribly. 


Addison is besides herself and no matter how many citations she issues, she just cant save her best friend - after all the Auditors only help humans. She sets about trying to do her job, and ends up at Under the Fang, a local club run by an old vampire, Alec Corbin. 


Corbin constantly hits on her, but Addison pays him no mind since it's illegal for vampires and humans to be in a relationship. But Corbin comes on to her relentlessly and maybe it's time Addison took one for the team. Addison calls in a favor to Corbin, she'll do whatever he wants in exchange for him helping out her friend, Taylor.


Corbin readily agrees, and makes Addison his consort as the Inquisitor in town, an older and much more powerful vampire than him has set his hooks on poor Taylor. In order to pull it off that Corbin and Addison are actually together, they have to fake being in a relationship, but is it really faking? Addison can't help her attraction for Corbin and Corbin can't help himself around Addison.


Danger and intrigue rolls around each corner as Addison tries to free her best friend of her predicament. Will Corbin's savviness prevail or will the inquisitor enslave everyone and everything Corbin has worked for in his existence?


And what about the Crimson Debt? Vampires can't control themselves when having sex and they are offered blood. The result is a human who looks like they've been through a blender, but the Crimson Debt is said to cure all ills, especially when it's done out of love. Will the Crimson Debt be Addison's saving grace or will it end up claiming her life? 




This is truly the book Charlaine Harris should have written. There were so many similarities to the Sookie Stackhouse series, without any of the annoying nuances those other characters carried  - and no seals having sex scenes. LOL 


Addison is brave and has a good head on her shoulders, plus her snarkiness is awesome. Definitely loving this series!


Crimson Debt features:



oral sex



paranormal romance