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Great continuation

Hunted - Evangeline Anderson

In Book 2, we read Sophia's story. Sophia is afraid of needles and ends up with none other than Sylvan - a vampire type of Kindred who's escorting her to a wedding. But when their ship goes down after it's attacked by the All Father, they both have to rely on each other if they're going to make it out alive. 


Sophia's got nothing to worry about since Sylvan has vowed never to take another mate, but what up with the strange longing looks the Kindred keeps giving her? And why does she tingle in all the right places whenever he's around? 


Just when things couldn't get more complicated, a detour takes them to Sylvan's homeworld where Sophia learns so much about the withdrawn Kindred. Now that she's gotten to know him better, will they come together as one? 


But what about the danger still lurking after them? Can they make it back to their friends in one piece? 



This was a great continuation to the series and I especially liked Xairn (the All Father's son). Y'all know I love a tortured hero and he's no exception. It broke my heart reading his story and especially how his sadistic father ended the life of his pet. Ugh! *sobs* Can't wait to see how his story unfolds. 


Hunted features: 



oral sex

science fiction