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Dirty Handsome - Lucia Jordan

Bailey goes off to visit her brother after ending a love affair with a married man. All she wants is peace and quiet - a place to clear her head. 


But that turns out to be impossible because as soon as she enters her brother's house and decides to take a tempting dip in her brother's swimming pool - in the nude, she's caught red handed by her brother's friend, Caric who's been tasked to take care of her. 


Caric is immediately striken with Bailey. Though he doesn't want to break the friend code and mess with his friend's baby sister, he can't help but give into his basest desires. But just when things seem to look up, Caric tells Bailey that the only way he'll continue a relationship with her is to keep their status a secret. 


Just having broken up with a man who was married and didn't want to make a commitment, Bailey can't believe her luck. What will happen now? 


Dirty Handsome features: 


  • erotica
  • oral sex
  • exhibitionism
  • suspense
  • quick read
  • cliffhanger ending