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Secret Unleashed - Sierra Dean

From the moment Brigit became Peyton's lock, we all knew she was doomed to die. So, of course Book 6 of this series doesn't disappoint. After Brigit's death, it's all hands on deck trying to get Secret to safety and away from Peyton who is but mere steps away from her. 


As if things weren't complicated enough, we finally learn just what is up with Sig and you're not going to believe it! As we're reeling from the revelation, it's decided that Secret go to California to find a lost relic (but really it's a way to keep her safe and away from Peyton or so everyone thinks).  But there's also more surprises in store for us in 

California in the form of Secret's vampire father!  


With Holden in tow, Secret sets off to solve the mystery of the missing relic and what she uncovers will be the most horrific event that will forever change her life. The Doctor awaits her in the shadows and when Secret meets him, her world will be forever turned upside down. 


Can Secret survive her ordeal with The Doctor or will Peyton finally catch up to her in the Sunny State? 


Secret Unleashed features:

paranormal romance
sexual content