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Charlie's Bargain - Evangeline Anderson

Alone and destitute in the worse shithole in the universe, Charlie and her brother try to make ends meet after losing all of their fortune. After giving up her life of excess and a marriage she was about enter, everything goes up in smoke and Charlie is forced to take a waitress job. 


Most of the waitresses don't just serve drinks, though but Charlie finds she can't bring herself to do the same. Especially when the richest man in town, Lynx definitely has his eye on her.


But Lynx is no ordinary man, he's a Xorn and he's shunned by all the humans there. Everyone keeps their distance until one fateful night when Charlie's brother loses a game to Lynx and now he must repay the debt he owes. 


Charlie offers herself instead of her brother and Lynx, who recognizes her as his true mate hopes to entice her heart as well as her sense of duty. Can Lynx fight through all the prejudices that face them or are they doomed to fail? 


Charlie's Bargain features: 


oral sex

backdoor play