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The Academy - Emmaline Andrews

This was such a sweet story! I really liked it! 


Kristina and her twin brother, Kristopher have their fates crossed. Kristina dreams of going tot he academy and becoming a navigator, - a job not available to women in her time while her brother dreams of playing in the orchestra.  When their father demands Kristopher follow in the family footsteps and become a fleet officer,  Kristina, to appease their father, cuts her hair and takes on her brother's identity at the academy. 


She pulls it off beautifully, but she makes powerful enemies on her first day who just won't leave her alone. Good thing her new roommate, Daniel North comes to her rescue and is her knight in shining armor. 


But when her relationship with North deepens and her ability to hide her identity becomes harder and harder, life's no fun at all for Kristina. Not to mention the fact that if she's discovered, her punishment will be a severed hand. Can she make it through the academy or will North's confusion of what he feels for his delicate roommate complicate things? 


The Academy features: 




happily ever after