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Midnight  - Elisa Adams

Amara is a B-movie actress who's in a popular paranormal movie series. But when her youth passes and her popularity wanes, it seems like everything is coming down around her. 


Amara's co-star and fiance turns out to be a lying, cheating scoundrel and Amara quickly finds herself out of a job when her producers tell her they want to turn her campy vampire movie series into a triple-x feature instead. 


Just as Amara tries to start again from zero, a crazed fan abducts her, claiming he's a vampire and he's tired of her incorrect portrayal of vampires. Meaning to set her straight, vampire Marcos, who's been alive for hundreds of years, quickly finds his plan unraveling before his eyes. 


Marcos can't seem to fight his attraction to Amara and it seems like Amara feels the same for him. Can they both make it work for eternity or will things quickly fizzle out? 


Midnight features: 


oral sex

paranormal romance