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How to Date a Werewolf (Rylie Cruz #1) - Rose Pressey

OMG this book has been in my TO READ list since FOREVER! I can't believe I finally got around to it, and believe me, it should have been one I skipped. 


Rylie is a werewolf matchmaker who owns and runs The Find a Mate company. She's had a great run matching people together, that is until she takes on Lily, a crazed werewolf. 


Lily is furious her perfect date doesn't go as planned and goes to unthinkable levels to show how displeased she is with Rylie (picketing her business, and making T-shirts which denounce her business as well.) 


Rylie, along with her roommate, Jennifer, brush off the threats Lily makes and instead choose to spend their time ogling their new gorgeous neighbor, Jack. 


Both Jennifer and Jack are humans, and while Jennifer knows Rylie is a werewolf, Jack has no clue about the paranormal presence in New Orleans. 


During the middle of the book we find out that in fact, the whole government knows about the supernaturals roaming around, but they choose to keep that knowledge on the down low. 


Anyhoo, what follows are ridiculous events centering around Rylie dealing with Lily, and juggling her feelings with Jack - even though Rylie's convinced of a family curse that has doomed her into never finding true love. 


Ugh! I think what upset me the most about this book was not that the situations were utterly ridiculous, but that I read through all that nonsense and there wasn't even any sexxy scenes to make up for the lost time. Ugh. Live and learn. 


How to Date a Werewolf features: 

paranormal romance