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With This Ring - Celeste Bradley

The cover for this book is utterly stunning and it's the only thing that kept me reading.


In the third installment of the Wicked Worthingtons, we see Elektra's story. From afar, the story is whimsical sounding - Elektra probably the only Worthington who cares about the state of the family - I mean what about  Calliope? She married well in the first book, but doesn't even send over not even an apple to help our her family SMH - and Elektra feels she must marry well to reinstate her family to their former glory.


To ensure this, she plans to kidnap the most eligible bachelor, put him in a compromising position and make him marry her. But her plans goes awry and it doesn't help matters that the Lord she kidnaps has been involved in a scandal that drove him from London and 10 years later he's finally back hoping to win his father's forgiveness and favor in his deathbed. 


So, the story  was so-so, but  I found there was just too much concentrating on the  Worthingtons and not too much on Elektra and her story. The 3 stars are merely for the cover and 1.5 for the story. So ends my travels with the Wicked Worthingtons. The next book cover is super dull and I find the Worthington family just gets on my nerves. 


story features:

sexual content

historical romance