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Watching Her - Sammi Starlight

Lizzie works in corporate accounting and it seems her life is going nowhere as she's being treated as a doormat in her professional life. But things take a turn when she meets bad boy, Brett at a coffee shop. 


Brett is covered in tattoos and happens to own a tattoo shop as well. Lizzie can't believe someone as hot as Brett is into her and her confidence level quickly boosts up as the couple heats things up in the bedroom and in public, too. 


Pretty soon, Lizzie's exhibitions meld away and it's not long before the shy, demure girl is being replaced by a sex vixen into women, public sex, and threesomes! 


So what about her career? Will she continue at her job or will Brett's attentions finally make her realize there's something else more to life? And what of Brett? Is their relationship going somewhere, or is it just meaningless sex? 


Watching Her features: 


oral sex




quick read


Rating: 3